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Thread: Kenwood D-710G digipeater operation

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    Question Kenwood D-710G digipeater operation

    I have been trying to make my D-710G into a digipeater and even with all the "help" on the internet I can't seem to make it work. Is there anyone out here on this forum who has made the D710G into a digipeater successfully? I would love to communicate with you if so. I seem to be able to receive aprs stations, cars, trucks, digi's, igates etc. but am not able to transmit this data out of the radio into the system. The Kenwood manual is next to useless in this endeavor IMHO.

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    isn't this an analogue radio? It's menu 403 for the cross band repeat - but in cross band mode it will not repeat a digital signal when it hears it - it shoots into transmit but all it's doing is transmitting what digital sounds like on FM, out of the TX - so its just and audio signal, not a digital one? Have I understood correctly? It repeats ordinary FM analogue OK, I assume?

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    Smile Thanks your reply

    It is an analog radio with a built in TNC capable of APRS operations. The manual states it can be used as a digipeater as well, but apparently I don't have the correct settings set up.... I guess. It receives the aprs packets and shows them in the "list" function, but is not digipeating them when receiving them. Thanks

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    I seem to remember a reason was that the data contained is that of another station, so until fairly recently, this would have been banned by the no re-transmission of callsigns rule. Maybe this is why it won't do it? Sorry - I misunderstood, and thought you wanted to cross band digital audio, not just the packet data.

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