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Thread: Radio Mobile Path Propagation Software

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    Unhappy Radio Mobile Path Propagation Software

    I have just started using the Radio Mobile program and have a query re. E- field strength.

    Using the formula

    √ 30*Pt * Gt / r (V/m)

    I get the result 98.7 dBuV/m, however the radio mobile program gives 97.4 dBuv/m .

    I know there is little difference but I cant help thinking my formula does not align/agree with the one the
    radio mobile program uses ?

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    Nothing's perfect, did you measure the speed of light for your elevation?

    Field strength' is a strange animal, affected by all sorts of local influences.

    Manufacturers don't always have a "perfect" adiabatic chamber either, maybe quoting the best-case scenario for sensitivity...

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