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Thread: Using the Baofeng UV-5R V2+

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    Default Using the Baofeng UV-5R V2+

    I have had the radio for a day now so far. I live around the DFW area. So far I was able to listen to a local six flags there. I tried to connect to the Fort Worth PD frequencies which was somewhere in the 800s but the radio would immediately say canceled upon trying to connect. I'm interested in knowing what fun things can I do with the radio at the moment till I get my license. I'd like to listen to conversations and traffic from different areas of the city but seem to cant find much even through I also have a six sense that the included antenna should go for an upgrade.

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    If by "800's", you mean about 800 MHz, that is outside of any radio amateur band that I am aware of, so the Baofeng probably cannot transmit.

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    look on line and get the info for local repeaters in your area...listen away...
    there are a couple online directories that list all the repeaters in Texas...
    I have a couple throw away radios that are your brand and I found them to be a pita to program, so I got the programming CD and configured them with a laptop.
    I was not real happy with their overall performance, so now the wife (who is also a ham) and I use them as an intercom when I am out in my shop... we just set them on the frequency we want (from the ones in the band plan for that use) and that way we know that we are not causing any issues with any of our local repeaters.

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    What website or where do you recommend one to look for local repeaters?

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    Default Sweet

    Thank you for the link. I found a list of repeaters in my area and have tried a few of them. I was able to hear some conversation on one of them. Pretty good so far, would you recommend anything else for a person in the DFW area with a Baofeng UV-5RV2+ radio?

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    Have you found the local club and met up with an Elmer? If not, that would be my next move.

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