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    Brand new ham here. Im just putting together a 2m/70cm base station. Looking at coax for about a 35 foot run. I see there is a lot of feed line loss with some coax. In a few articles that I have read open wire makes a good feed line for hf. Can you use it for uhf/vhf.


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    Nope. well - the correct answer would be yes you could, but the much smaller dimensions would need considerable accuracy and consistency - plus baluns to convert balanced to unbalanced, and these would be lossy, or expensive. Feeder loss is important at 70cm, a bit less so at 2m - so proper cable is required. generally, anything smaller than 10mm or so outside dimension will be too lossy. UR67/RG213 would be the lowest level cable to consider - and 35' of that isn't too bad, but you can do better. This also means proper connectors too - N type is the accepted lowest loss type. Antennas sometimes come with SO239 type connectors, which are lossy things and outside difficult to waterproof properly. Many better quality cables also fit badly in these connectors, and properly in N types. Better quality cables also are stiffer, and more tricky to manage - but that's just how it is at UHF.

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