Evening everyone,

I have put together another video showing the further enhancements I have added to the PyDSA soft spectrum analyser. Most
of these enhancements were added in order to help me develop my stand alone WSPR beacon featured in a separate recent thread
here on the forum.

In summery I have added:
- Calibration and AGC
- Peak and delta markers
- Tracking generator support using FeelTech Fy6600 signal generator
- Multiple trace storage

Everything is written in Python. I have created a stand alone Windows .exe which means anyone can run the PyDSA analyser without
the need for the Python environment. You just download the ZIP file from my web-space unzip somewhere and run the PyDSA.exe

Here is the download link : www.dt-space.co.uk/PyDSA.zip

Here is a video showing the spectrum analyser being used to characterise a QRP labs 20m LPF and then look at the output of a RF power
amplifier with and without said filter.

Cheers and 73's

Dave (G7IYK, Bristol UK)