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Thread: MFJ-969 Versa tuner 11

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    Hello Forum; does anyone have an MFJ-969 antenna tuner that will be willing to give me BETTER OPERATING and set up instructions, the owners manual is somewhat vague and incomplete for me.

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    i have not used one of those in years... I think I still have one in my collection of "spare" stuff.
    What problems are you having....most all tuners work very similar. If you explain what you difficulty is, maybe we can help you past that.

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    I bought a MFJ969 tuner new and love it. I recently upgraded to an old MFJ989C so I could handle more power, but still like the MFJ969 better, but sadly I need to sell it, as I don't need both. This is a good video to explain tuners adjustment.
    My basic way to begin is to find a frequency I wish to tune. Place Transmitter & Antenna knobs on 5 (midway) and turn the Inductor knob until I hear the loudest static noise from the radio.
    Turn Antenna knob back and forth for maximum noise
    Turn Transmitter knob back and forth for maximum noise
    And touch up Antenna knob last for maximum noise
    You should be close by now and can repeat by transmitting on low power and adjusting in the same sequence until lowest SWR is shown on meter
    Repeat sequence on full power.
    Once I get dialed in I write the settings and freq. down for future reference to quickly find the sweet spot again.

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