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Thread: Need help with Yaesu FT-60

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    Default Need help with Yaesu FT-60

    I have a Yaesu FT-60 that I use with a headset. Just as quickly as it worked it now doesn't. I don't know if it is the headset or the radio. Now when I plug in the headset, the volume must be turned up all the way to barely hear the audio. Without the headset, I can brake squelch and the volume works fine. The key pad has been locked so I doubt that I have changed any settings. The headset I use is a fairly inexpensive 1 and have considered purchasing another to see if something might have happened, but....Has anyone experienced a similar problem?

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    Based on what you have said, my first thought is that it's the headset. What headset are you using?

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    Finally got back in. It's a Coodio. Inexpensive. Bought another, should be here later today. If it works then have answered my question. If not, then will have to take to a radio shop in Amarillo and hope they don't keep it forever.

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