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Thread: FT-991A and RT Systems Programming Software

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    Default FT-991A and RT Systems Programming Software

    I got my license about a month ago and have recently purchased a Yaesu Ft-991A transceiver. I also bought a
    copy of RT Systems software for programming the radio. I didn't want to have to hand enter all the info for the many repeaters in the area. After installing the software I plugged in the USB cable from the radio. To my surprise the audio on my laptop went silent. I know that because I was watching a youtube video about using this particular software and then the sound cutout.

    Has anyone else had this problem or have any clues about what might be wrong?


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    I also use RT with a 991a, have not experienced any problems. Probably a driver conflict. A quick peak at device manager should provide some clues, or maybe reassign the USB to a different COM port number.

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    The cable interfaces the computer with the audio output of the transceiver. Just be glad that it didn't key the transceiver and start transmitting the garbage you were looking at..

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