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Thread: Strange German Speaker?

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    Default Strange German Speaker?

    I am not a radio amateur, I'm here because I think this is the right place (?) to post this question.

    My uncle has an above average radio that I sometimes browse out of curiosity, but not that often. Anyway, I was doing this a few days ago, on Saturday night to be more precise, and I came across a place where they had some repetitive musical tone that was like, I don't know how to describe it, but like a really simple one that would fit very well in the early computer games or Nintendo. So I found this interesting and didn't switch to another place, I listened it for a little to see if anything else would come on. Two minutes in, or somewhere around that, a man begins speaking in a strange way, like reading off a paper, doesn't sound like his own words, and he sounds really robotic while doing it.

    Anyway I did record this on my phone, just right before it began speaking,

    WHAT is it? It really didn't sound like a "regular" station, and it went quiet after that, like nothing else came on for the next 20 mins.
    Btw, I have no clue what frequency that was, it was not like 115 or something easy to remember, it was in the thousands, maybe even tens of thousands. I don't look at that when I browse, I just browse until I hit something. I'm trying to find it again, though. I'll try the next Saturday.

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, I just don't know where else lol

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    nobody knows for sure what they are...

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