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Thread: J Pole Antenna build.

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    Default J Pole Antenna build.

    Hi, ive stumbled across this forum and its looks great so ive signed up. Im barry, hi all.. :-)

    Im about to build a super J pole out of 22mm copper tubing. Im using 22mm as ive found a Jpole connection fitting on ebay which looks ok.

    Just wondering if anybody has used one before I purchase it:

    I also have another silly question, does it matter which way around you connect the coax to the j pole. Ive seen the centre of the coax going to different sides in different photos. As far as im aware its just a matching stub so im guessing its not important?

    Look forward to the replies :-)

    Thanks, Barry

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    Check out the open stub design at which resembles a 2m Zepp if you eliminate the UHF element. That's what I use. Very easy to connect the coax and very good performance.

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    Looks great, but I want to build a super J pole. Im keen to play with the matching stub etc etc and have just purchased an aerial analyser

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