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Thread: CZiegu X5105 2 hour use limit

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    Default CZiegu X5105 2 hour use limit

    I was going to buy the X5105 but I read somewhere that itís limited to no more then 2 hours use at a time becuese it can over heat. Anyone own one here? Wanted to know if this is the case. If I just use to listen and not transmit can it go longer?

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    You are going to transmit for over two hours? Seriously, it's a tiny QRP rig that's very cheap, and the duty cycle of these devices is designed around limited power - in terms of output and consumption. So if you are going to call continuously, in a contest maybe, then sure - it might tax it a bit, but if you are predominantly a listener who responds, I doubt there will be problems here. Very few radios of any kind respond well to continual transmit - some get mega hot, and it's not a fault, just how things are. All the reviews seem to find them quite decent products, and the price is cheap for an HF radio. I guess if you want portable style operation, it's great. If you really want to call and call and call then there might be better things available that run on mains power. If I wanted a portable HF setup, I think I'd consider one of these?

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    I am more of a listener thatís why I was asking if it gets to warm while sitting there listening. I can understand about the continuously transmitting part and getting hot. In my google search it was only mentioned to not use radio for more then 2 hours at a time. Since the x5105 is also capable of listening to SW broadcast bands, I would use it for that as well.

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    I suspect those reports were somewhat unverifiable, and perhaps even confusing. Nobody, from the searches I've done seems to find a problem on receive - I tend to think that as on receive the power consumption is very low, it's just the TX side that makes it heat up - my expensive big Icom HF set stays cold, until you transmit on full power, and then it gets very hot, very quickly.

    Keep in mind that if you buy from a proper dealer, offering a guarantee - then they won't sell products people return. You also have consumer rights - a radio with a two hour window would be off the market pretty quickly.

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