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    Hey all, new here and have been a SWL and scanner user for 45 years, dad was a amateur operator, I never did get a licence but recently decided itís about time. Currently have a SDRPlay, W6LDP loop, Discone, couple of buafeng HH and a bunch of old radios and scanners sitting around. Also have a RP3 on a homemade collinear antenna feeding Flight Aware. Studying for the basic and as soon as my local club can have me, I will be writing the test.
    My main interests are antenna building, playing around with RP3 stuff, VHF/VHF scanning. When I get my licence I plan to expand that to QRP and digital modes. I guess I never really got my licence before because I am not one for contests and yacking on a mike but QRP really interest me as well as portable operation, CW and digital stuff. Hope to really learn more here to make my experience more enjoyable. I am a recent Facebook evacuee as I found it to be unproductive and a lot of negativity in the posts.
    Thanks for having me here.

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    welcome to the forum and to amateur radio.

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    And welcome to the forum.

    FT8 is certainly racing away in popularity, and getting many into the digital modes.

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    Don't waste your time or money on UHF or VHF.

    Congrad's on the license, now upgrade it to General and buy yourself a HF radio, put up resonant antennas and listen to what real radio sounds like..

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    Or... explore your license level with something more than an FM walkie talkie. There is more challenge & skill to put a 2 meter CW or SSB signal a thousand miles away than doing the same thing on 20 or 40 meters. Plus, there is so much to do in AR that to get yourself locked into one thing is silly. Congratulations and welcome to the hobby!

    BTW, sixmeters, it's all real radio if it involves an RF circuit.

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