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Thread: Some one can point me in the right direction

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    Sorry to pop in here but I would like to get some advise. I have got this antennas on my roof. I would like to know if this is something you can use for amateur radio. Can anyone tell me what kind of antenna this is?

    Link to the picture.

    Thank you for your help.

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    I can't say what the made &/or model is, but yes, it does look like an either an amateur radio aerial or CB aerial. I'm assuming you're either very new to the hobby or not yet involved? Maybe you can get hold of a receiver and and have listen around with it.

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    It's difficult to get the scale - clearly a coil at the base, but how long is the vertical section = that's always a clue, can you estimate how tall the vertical section is? If it's longer than 45cm or so, then it's more likely to be for a band lower than 145MHz - so could be CB - but then that vertical section would be much, much longer. It could be a business band low band VHF - but of course that depends where in the world you are?

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    Looks like a Thunderpole of some kind, a CB antenna...

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