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Thread: FT-450D ALC meter operation.

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    Default FT-450D ALC meter operation.

    I wrote Yaesu regarding the ALC meter function of the FT450D. The ALC meter does not work the same as a normal ALC meter we are used to.
    On a typical radio, you want to avoid the ALC from coming on. So you adjust the audio input (Mic) so the ALC verily moves, if at all.

    HOWEVER the FT450D having only 3 setting for the Mic gain the ALC works a bit different. You want to see the ALC meter moving on voice peaks to the upper 3rd of the meter range. Here is the response from yaesu..."73" N8QZH

    "Hello Matthew.

    Thank you for contacting Yaesu regarding your FT-450D.

    You are right, the ALC is a little different to other radios.

    There are only three mic gain settings as listed below.

    If you have the gain set correctly the alc. will look after itself.

    The higher it goes the more power you are putting out.

    As it gets to the limit of the scale it automatically starts to lower the gain to keep the power out within limits.

    All you need to do is talk the meter up towards the top of the scale."


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    Handy to know, Cheers.
    Pete - 2EFVL
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    I know this is going back a bit but I have questioned the ALC opperation.

    On my quite new 450d...if I use FM or my key on CW...the ALC meter over reads by around me this is going to overload the final.

    Any ideas guys...the right hand side toward the front of the radio get quite warm even on a short SSB voice.

    By the way....the ALC on voice it within limits.

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