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Thread: SDR - darn it!

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    At my request several months ago, they added the ability (a "button" push) to separate CW signals to left & right headphone speakers. Basically, the rcvd signals above the the rcvr tuned freq and in the channel width are in the right ear piece, and those below are in the left.

    I am not sure how many hams use headsets with stereo capability, but I use a Bluetooth set thru the PC. Actually mine are 7.1. They never responded to the additional optional extra feature of separating rx1a, rx1b, rx2a, & rx2b to the 4 audio corners (front left, front right, back left, & back right). What the heck, sanity might be over rated but I think added spatial separation could be very helpful in contests. It is probably enough to have left/right separation in addition to the traditional tonal separation. Suddenly I like CW contests!!

    They do not yet have Pure-Signal, the pre-distortion that dramatically reduces SSB sideband noise. Yes, that appears redundant but it is not really. This has been disappointing. Unfortunately I do not fully understand how pre-distortion is implemented but I suspect it will require product design change and not be backwards compatibile. Their timeline indicates next year.
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