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Thread: FT8 QSO Party

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    Default FT8 QSO Party

    Eastern Michigan Contest Club will be sponsoring W8F during the week of April 28th to May 6th 2018 for our 1st Annual Digital FT8 mode celebration QSO Party.

    We are planning on operating 9am to 5pm on April 28th on 5 bands at one time using WSJT-X FT8 Mode.

    There will be a certificate PDF available to those who work us on 5 bands buy sending in your QSO data for 5 band contacts to KD8VSQ.

    We be active through the week also hoping to get in some 80 and 160 during the night times.

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    Turning that into a contest? Might as well have a snow melting contest in Nome Alaska, at least the snow might melt once every 6 months in Nome.. That is way to slow for me..

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