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Thread: Uk foundation licence and dmr hotspot question

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    Default Uk foundation licence and dmr hotspot question

    Hi i am very interested in getting a dmr uhf radio. I want to use the radio with a internet hotspot to make new friends and socialise with new people. I have bought a uk foundation licence book and will be working up to passing a foundation level licence. I would like to know if this licence would allow me to connect and chat to talk groups outside of the uk or would i be restricted to chatting to only hams within the uk? As i would only transmit on 1w to the hotspot i would meet the power output restriction but im finding it hard to work out of if this would legal or not. Any help or infomation would be greatly appreciated.
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    As long as you are transmitting within the conditions of your licence i.e on an approved frequency and less than 10w erp, you are perfectly legal. You are not restricted to just speaking with other amateurs in the UK.

    Using a hotspot connected to the internet is no different than using a local repeater connected to the internet.

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