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Thread: FT991A Firmware frustration... I may have thrashed my radio

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    Default FT991A Firmware frustration... I may have thrashed my radio

    Well after playing with new FT991A, lots of fun , but decided to read & reread the Update manual for Firmware. everything seemed to install the Main YFSWO24 & AHO67 ****.SFL files. Did reboot as per following exact instructions, step by step.... Went to install the TFW.... & this is where it won't connect to port to allow com port for update stage... If I knew the FT991A was going to be so difficult to update this unit I would have got the Ham store do it.... I tried to redo procedure to no avail, now the terrible thoughts of shipping & cost to have the unit fixed cause of my lack of computer programming skills ... Any advice would be appreciated

    VE7OPL David

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    Maybe not want you want the hear but I had the same problem with my 991, couldn't get the updates to work.
    Was told it was the lead, purchased a new one had some given but finished up with five in the end but still got so far and then said can't find com port, took it to the dealer twice (half day road trip there and back) for two updates then update #3 didn't work so after 14 months traded it in for an FT450D.
    Love Yaesu radios but the SDR type radios are not welcome at this QTH!!
    Get someone with a Lap Top to pop around and try that way - Good Luck hope you get it sorted.
    Pete - 2EFVL
    The QRM Formally Known As M6PAP!!

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