Hello Everyone

My Name is Thomas

what a wonderful forum you have such a pleasure to be here

My Name is Thomas

I am a very Active Radio hobbyist from CB TO zello

for those who dont know Zello it is a walkie talkie app were you can communicate to the world. (available on all devices) website http://zello.com

I part of The Guild channel on zello it is for hams and non hams people to gain experience and to gain fellowship and to have great conversations and be able to access Nets witch is for IRN and the guild

come by check us out and join us

on the Guild. / IRN (International radio network)

**If you licensed you will be able to access HF feeds via IRN teamspeak and communicate on the amateur Bands


http://theguildglobal.org &


Zello. http://zello.com/TheGuildQSO or search TheGuildQSO on zello app / program

forums / digital cafe for radio hobbyists etc


I currently Busy studying for my ham radio license it going to be fun to talk on bands and to all around the world

keep shining


60IRN749 (The guild/ IRN call sign)