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Thread: Brand New FT-857D RF Gain "Problem" Solved by changing Menu 80!

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    Default Brand New FT-857D RF Gain "Problem" Solved by changing Menu 80!

    I was having a RF gain issue with my brand new FT-857D. The RF gain would die intermittently upon release of the PTT switch or when changing bands, (I described the problem in detail in a recent prior post ("Brand New FT-857D ...).

    Yaesu recommended I send the rig in for warranty service. After testing the rig, Yaesu referred me to Page 38 of the Manual concerning "Menu 80", that deals with the programming of the RF Gain/Squelch knob.

    I had the knob programmed as "Squelch" because I sometimes like to work 2 meters and figured that was a convenient setting. The manual indicates that when programmed as a "Squelch" the RF gain would be set to maximum sensitivity in all modes. So I figured I was getting max RF gain in HF mode, and "Squelch" when I switched bands to VHF/UHF. In HF mode, everything seemed to work fine, at first. I had the knob turned all the way counter-clockwise so the squelch was basically disabled in HF mode. RF gain seemed to be fine on receive, except that I noticed an intermittent problem where the RF gain would die upon release of the PTT switch during a QSO or when calling CQ. This could also happen when just changing bands.

    When Yaesu got the rig, they were able to duplicate the "problem". However, Yaesu made it clear, that despite what page 38 of the manual says about the RF gain, programming the knob as a "squelch" will cause a drop in the signal in HF mode when the PTT switch is released. In other words, the receiver cannot fully recover after transmit in HF unless the knob is programmed for "RF Gain" in menu 80.

    I have been testing the rig, and it does seem to work acceptably in HF mode with menu 80 set for "RF gain". So basically, you need to change Menu 80 when going from VHF/UHF to HF, from "Squelch" to "RF Gain".

    Hope this saves someone some trouble.

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    Helps to read the owners manual - huh!

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    Well, in this case, reading the manual did not help very much! I have been a ham a long time and have had many rigs. I think my interpretation of the manual was reasonable, although I can see another way to interpret it.

    Anyway, if any of you FT-857D owners out there start experiencing RF gain drop out, my experience may help you. The problem had me frustrated for weeks, and even Yaesu suggested I send the radio in for service after I described the problem and even sent them a video of the symptoms. The problem was a little tough to diagnose. I wish I had figured out the solution before spending the money to ship it to Yaesu.

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