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Thread: Shortwave transmission using a ham radio

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    Default Shortwave transmission using a ham radio

    Hi there
    I have a question to ask

    (I hope you all excuse the potential stupidity here ... I am very interested in all things ham radio - and plan on completing the licence soon)

    Here goes

    Is it possible to make a shortwave transmission using a ham radio ?

    A friend of mine is an artist and he told me that it is possible to basically have his own radio station with a yaesu 875
    And an antenna ?

    Is that even possible ??

    (I have to say he makes a convincing case - and the radio is capable of 100 Watts transmission ...)

    If you can help here that would be amazing

    Many thanks

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    Yes, though I doubt anyone here will tell you how to do this illegal activity.

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    When you start studying for your license, you'll learn that the term "short wave" is a relic from days gone by, when most radio work was done with frequencies below a few MegaHertz, which had wavelengths of 200 metres or more. Since the relationship between frequency and wavelength is such that as the frequencies get higher, the corresponding wavelength gets shorter. So, radio comms in the 1,8 to 30 MHz range has a wave length range of 160 to 10 metres, gets called "shortwave". As I mentioned earlier, this is pretty archaic, as most modern communications operates with wavelengths measured in centimetres.

    Do a web search for something like "amateur radio introduction" and you will fing lots of basic information.

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    Your friend is correct - but the meaning of those words is something I suspect either he, or you misunderstood. The difference is communications vs broadcast. Can you have your own broadcast radio station? No. Not on any band without licensing, and rules - and for shortwave this means your own countries rules and world wide rules. Radio Hams do communication - two way radio, normally either one-to-one conversations, or small groups. They call out to the world, and hopefully a few people somewhere hear it. Lots of things are banned in most administration areas. Politics, Religion and Music - being the common ones. By the way, A Yaesu 875 doesn't seem to have ever existed? There's an 857, which is designed primarily as a mobile radio.

    When you study for your ham radio licence - the level of study, and hardness of the subject being tested gives you access to different bands and powers. So you choose from really easy to quite hard, depending on what you want to do. All this is easily Googlable. There's a lot of learning coming g your way before the authorities wherever you are in the world, let you loose on the world.

    If you want to broadcast - we can't help you.

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    what your friend is doing violates many different rules...there is no place that what you say he is doing is legal.

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    You can do anything you want - until you get caught.

    Amateur Radio gear is not duty rated to operate with a 100 % Duty cycle like a commercial radio station.

    I doubt if most cheap transceivers would last more than a couple of days transmitting all the time.

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