Greetings. I picked up a Kenwood TS-850S HF Transceiver for cheap from a thrift store, solely for the purpose of reselling it. Looks like it's been on someone's shelf for a while. No power cable or microphone came with it, so I don't know if it even powers up. To be honest, I know nothing about amateur radio and joined up here to get y'alls input regarding how much I should ask for it. Looks like these go for a fair penny on Ebay. I don't intend to ask nearly as much as they sell for there, not knowing it it even works, but should be able to make a little bit on it hopefully!

Again, my knowledge about such things is profoundly limited, as in I only know that it has a LOT of cool buttons and knobs :-D .

Gonna put her on Craigslist here in the Greenville, SC area and sure would appreciate your input as to how much to ask. I wish I could put up pics, but being a newbie has me restricted from such things temporarily. I'll be happy to send along pics to anyone who wants, though!

Thanks in advance!~Aaron