A funny joke kept running through my mind and I thought it would make a great poem, so here it is.

The Truck

One day Sam took his truck to town to find a hardware shop.
The parking garage was all filled up, he had no place to stop.
He spotted a meter in front of a bar, a mighty stroke of luck!
He had no choice, he had to rush, that’s where he parked his truck.

It took him a while to find the right tool to fix the job he had.
Which meant he had to check around, it nearly drove him mad.
When he returned to his pick-up truck what do you think he’d spy?
His parking meter ran out of time, a ticket caught his eye.

“Oh, what next?” he wondered aloud. “Twas then he spotted Lil.
She attended the church he did and brother! What a pill!
Such a busy-body was she! She’d gladly cause you strife!
The stories she told about everyone could easily ruin a life.

Sure enough that very next Sunday, ere the service could start,
She confronted him face to face and nearly stopped his heart.
She said she’d tell the entire church about his drinking binge.
She had seen where he parked his truck! (Remembering made her cringe!)

She was surprised he’d come to church and dare to show his face!
“No Christian man would go in there! Such sinning in that place!
No one had to walk inside to see him drinking beer!
A devil’s den was what it was, and now he’s standing here?”

A mighty huff and off she went, "a righteous saint of God".
Knowing in her heart of hearts, next Sunday they’d applaud.
She would tell no matter what! The good folks here should know!
Church is no place for sinners like that. He must be made to go!

He called her name to plead with her, but she just walked away.
He knew it didn’t look good for him, but what on earth to say?
He called, “I’ll stop by later on!” She never turned around.
The people standing near to him wondered at the sound.

Late Friday night he drove his truck to where Lil had her house.
He parked out front and quickly left, quiet as a mouse.
He’d spend the weekend far away and evermore be still
About what surely must have been a weekend spent with Lil.