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Thread: In-radio Power Meters

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    I've always wondered if the RF power meters displayed on the radio are any good. I have a Kenwood TX-480SAT. With 40W set on the radio and my SignaLink TX Level set at the eight o'clock position (virtually no ALC), the radio says I'm putting out only 4-5 watts. That seems kind of low considering I'm making contact 800 miles away using an end-fed antenna in the attic.

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    I have not owned any Kenwood products in a lot of years so I do not really remember much about the power meter/readings.
    My current radios are Icom and Yaesu.
    The Icom power meter does actually read the wattage output exactly, it reads percentage. I have a couple in line power meters I use to see what the radios are actually dong...
    The Yaesu FTDX 5000 has a separate window used to display menu options and settings that the power level shows up in momentarily as you make any power level adjustments and I find it reads close to, but not always the same as the meter on my amp is showing for input.. or quite the same as my power meter when I put it in line.... so I would say that on board power meters are mostly a reference point and not exact...

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