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Thread: Rockmite pic version 80m mod

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    Default Rockmite pic version 80m mod

    Hi there,

    I bought this kit:

    I read on the web that some people had problems making it transmit. I experienced this issue with simpler 49er kit, but after replacing af transistors with hf, it works ok.
    I guess that the Q3 driver (8550) whose transition frequency is 100MHz, could be at fault when the kit does not transmit. Perhaps using 2n2222A (ft=300MHz) could solve the problem? I always use 2sc1969 for PA transistor with these simple kits.
    Also, is it necessary to change the T2 transformation ratio from 8:2 to any other ratio when modifying it to 80m band, apart form changing xtals and LP filter. I saw a page where they got 8:4 by experimentation. How do you calculate the ratio? Is there any simple way to do it.
    Thank you

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    PSE, could anyone give me a hint if the original transistors should or should not be replaced, I do not want to spoli this kit, it was a bit more expensive.

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    I try to find someone who can offer an advice and posting empty messages can bring it to somebody's attention. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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    no apologies necessary. It seems that no one on here has the information you seek (I know I don't), but you would never know if you did not ask.

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