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    I am brand new and looking to learn all I can. I am currently studying for my technician. I would like to get a good handheld, truck, and home setup.


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    Hi - Welcome. You've got a steep learning path ahead. I guess one critical feature needs to be considered. Money.

    If you want a mobile for the truck a sophisticated home setup With lots of bands, worldwide coverage and spinning antenna on tall masts, that's very different from wanting to have a handheld, mobile and home setup with a VHF/UHF antenna on a short mast. You could do the latter for maybe $200, the former for maybe $4000 - or any place in-between.

    You have to think about what you really want to do with the hobby. Same as the railroad modellers (I use railroad because I'm guessing our UK railways is probably not where you live - because we don't have anyone living on the three mountains our country has). You can buy a cheap train set, or spend silly money. Your place in the hobby really matters from a performance point of view, but many people are very content at the low price limit. Most when they really discover it's for them jump to middle ground, appreciating the benefits, while a few lucky people have mega systems, and the loudest voices!

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    Thanks for the welcome.

    Basic setup for sure. Nothing high high dollar. But not bottom quailiy either.

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    well until you upgrade all the things mentioned will not be on your radar...have fun and good luck on the exam.
    lots of good folks on here who have lots of experience and knowledge, and each have their own way of doing things...
    when you get advice, just remember that you will eventually have to go with the stuff that fits your desires in the hobby, your operating style, and your budget... and there is always what you think looks good to you. there is no best, there is only what you think if best for your particular situation.
    also remember that no matter what you decide there will always be folks who will tell you that you are doing it wrong, you got the wrong equipment or you paid too much for it.

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    Hello, and welcome to the forum. don't be afraid to ask questions, as there is usually somebody that knows the answer here. but also, don't be afraid to do a little "google" research to see if somebody on the web has already found a solution to your question.

    personally, my plan of attack with this hobby is to buy what i can afford, and experiment with what i can do with it.
    For example, my first antenna experiment is literally a 20 foot aluminum pole, stuck into a heavy-weighted 4 gallon pail. i feed it with some coax, and tied the coax shield to a ground stake by the pail. seems to RX fairly well, though i await my call-sign to see how it handles TX (through an antenna tuner).

    PASSED Tech exam on 09-09-2017 (awaiting callsign)
    Kenwood TS-430s, Bucket-base 20 foot vertical antenna
    Kenwood TH-K20a, stock antenna

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    Welcome fellow Tarhealer. Good luck with your studies. Check out Ham College at Amateur Logic TV for a little inspiration. From my own experience, I use my home station the most which is an old HF, 6m, 2m 70cm multi-band radio. Mainly because if I got any leisure time to play with my radios, I'm usually at home. The second most used radio would be my handheld and last would be my mobile, but those last two can sometime swap in order of use/need. If I'm traveling or walking around, I'm usually busy doing other stuff and don't think about talking on the radio. However, my first radio that I bought was a handheld, simply because it was the lest investment of capital to get me on the air. Then I got the mobile unit and the home station last, so go figure. Let us know when to get your license.

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