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    Hi my name is Mark Archibald, I go by Archie. I am currently about 65% thru the Technician course on and am looking forward to getting licensed. My motivation is two fold. My best friend is a long time HAM and has been on my ass for years to get mine. I also fly RC aircraft and recently lost a plane. I swear Scotty just beamed it up. I found a beacon with GPS that is very small and light weight that when activated by a HAM Band or FRS tone burst will transmit back a latitude and longitude of the downed model. I fly expensive Sailplanes and don't want to loose another, and I want to be able to talk with my friend on the air for now and possible around the world at some point in time.

    I just purchased a Yaesu FT-70DR and have a couple of questions and felt this would be the best place to ask.



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    welcome to the forum and the hobby.

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