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Thread: Ribbon Cable..... Anyone?!

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    Default Ribbon Cable..... Anyone?!

    Out of all the space-restricted wire dipole transmitting antenna designs I've come across online, none referred to ribbon wire as elements.

    I know there's an antenna available commercially, namely "HORSE FENCE ANTENNA" by kf4bwg (, but it's not as 'stealth' as I need it to be.

    And while the N4JTE 6 BAND "RIBBON" antenna ( is another option, I'd be seen spending too much time on the landlord's roof while trimming it.

    Compared with using two Slinkies, I would think using two random but equal lengths of four conductor (or more) cable would render better matches across the hf bands, rather than two highly reactive Slinky elements given their inherent inductance as coils.

    So I'm considering using two 15' lengths of Corsair Style 4 Conductor Flat Ribbon Cable Wire 18AWG Black ( and short appropriate ends at each leg length to form 4 parallel wires, then feeding it with a balun and coax.

    Please note I cannot consider other types of compact antennas, like the Isotron, or a vertical, as these would be quite visible compared to wire-types which can be positioned closer to the tar roof and be less visible.

    I'll appreciate all thoughts!

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    Look into magnetic loops.

    They are easy and cheap to build, very low noise, directional and work at ground level.
    On the downside you have to retune every time you QSY...

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