Hi Everyone!

I have a blast from the past I was hoping someone could help with. I have a TenTec 585 I picked up at an estate sale recently, and I noticed the optional serial port 258 board online. I really wanted to add one, before I realized that it might be of limited use, I might add Look as I may, I was not able to find one online anywhere. I did however find enough photos to make a clone of the board, and I now have 10 of them in my possession. I was planning to keep one in my TenTec, and sell the others to anyone who might be interested. But, I'm jumping ahead.

As it turns out, my boards seem to work, sort of, I think. :-) Long past is the NP4Y chip update, and unless I'm missing something, I don't see any other software to drive this unit except the basic program TenTec provided back in the 80's. I fired up my old Packard Bell XT, installed DOS 3.3 and launched app. I was pleased to see that it was working! I was able to set the frequency, and go into any menu option and make changes. However, every single time I exit back to the main menu from any sub-menu, the app locks up. I looked through the code, and it looks like it trying to pull the radio status for the main screen, and this is where it dies. Not sure why it works fine the first time, but not on subsequent attempts. The app seems to just throw a single character, or two, to the radio for most functions. Hooking up a terminal app directly to the unit, I seem to be able to control it with the commands I looked at in the code.

I said in the first paragraph that this may be of limited use, as I don't think most folks would want to run an old basic app anyway, but I was wondering if someone out there has used it, and could tell me if this was normal behavior? I wouldn't think so, but thought I would ask. (Maybe I have a bad copy of the app?) If no one remembers, is there any other app I can get that will work with this unit perhaps? My unit has the standard TenTec version 3.8 ROM, which will work with the serial port, so whatever apps are out there would need to work with this ROM.

If all else fails, is there anyone who has an NP4Y ROM, that might be willing to test one for me? I feel like I have the board right as it seems to be communicating back and forth, but I really want to verify, somehow.

Sorry for the long post, just trying to get as much info out as I could. Any help is appreciated, I'm great at electronics, but not a HAM guy per se. More of a listener than a talker. :-)