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Thread: What type of radio do I need? newbie here

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    Default What type of radio do I need? newbie here

    Im gonna be using 138.250 & 136.25 in a hunting club running dogs
    I know one of the radios one the guys use is a yaesu fm transceiver ft 1900r

    when searching for one what do I need to be search for? fm transceivers, ham radios, mobile radios do not know the lingo. Im sure I'll be asking more questions. I'm a diy guy.

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    If you are in the US, those two frequencies are allocated for aeronautical use. You shouldn't be using them. Also, that FT-1900R would have to have been illegally modified to transmit on those frequencies. The FT-1900R is an amateur only transceiver and as it comes from the factory will not transmit on those frequencies.

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    Looks to be in the US...

    Another bootlegger question. What has happened

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    That's why I'm here I have no idea what the channels are for. I believe it's been like this for years. And there are probably over 100 radios that use this set up. Anymore info?

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    That's why I'm here. I dont know all the details. I can't tell ya but I do know it's been like that for a while and probably 60+ radios use these channels on a frequent basis. During hunting season. I don't see why a Business would put their self on the line like that.

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