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Thread: TenTec Minimum Order - PTO Rebuild

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    Default TenTec Minimum Order - PTO Rebuild

    I need one part for my PTO. TenTec has a minimum of $25 parts order, plus shipping.

    Are there others out there that want to get together to order a batch of needed parts to try to get over the minimum, or at least get their $$/part down to a reasonable level??

    I have my PTO apart right now, all cleaned up, and i am waiting on a source for a "G" ramp washer, Ten Tec # 90315. I will wait for responses to this over the weekend, 2/4/2018 .. If I hear none, I will go ahead with another plan I have to fix my PTO. I'd rather have the ramp washer, though.

    So if you're interested, you can email me [email protected] and we'll do some planning.

    Or if anybody has a spare ramp washer in fair shape they'd like to part with, drop an email for that as well ...

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