I'm old to amateur radio (WN7EGZ 1965) but new to Digital Voice and I need some questions answered.

Pretty much on a lark I purchased a new Kenwood TH-D74A a week ago. I did some research as to which radios supported D-Star and noted that what I thought was the D74 supported access point and terminal modes.

My real interest is in terminal mode because I want to be able to access the remote repeaters via the internet, without relying solely on the handheld.

I have discovered that I was incorrect in that the IC-D51+2 has the terminal mode and I cannot see how the Kenwood does. One thing the Kenwood does have over the D51 is Bluetooth, which means I have two ways to access my PC/Internet.

What I would like to know is if there is a software solution to my problem that does not rely on the purchase of another interfacing device, dongle, dvap, etc.? If so, I'd appreciate someone pointing me in that direction.

Thank you, Chuck K4SC