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Thread: Where do I start in examining interference?

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    Question Where do I start in examining interference?

    I have a question and figured this was the best group to ask it to. I am convinced there is outside radio signal interference but am unsure how to take this further.

    I moved to a new location in Florida. Its suburban; the nearest house is 50-70 feet away. Cell towers are 1/2 mile away. There are about 3 cell towers.

    No powerlines are overhead or close by. Power to the home comes from underground.

    I use an AT&T EP5632 5.8 GHz Cordless phone (not DECT). For years, it worked solid. Good phone overall. Using VOIP, and the connection is solid.

    On the base phone (speakerphone), calls are perfect. No problem with the phone line. In the last 2 months, the cordless connection for all handsets became horrible. I have 5 handsets. Total interference in the line (sounds like waves).

    I bought a replacement base unit (same model). Same problem for all 5 handsets. Massive interference.

    I moved the phone location 20-30 feet. I made sure nothing else was connected to the power source. Same issue.

    There were no new appliances or electrical devices installed in the home.

    I tried shutting the the router (ASUS RT-3200 / 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz). POWER OFF: Same issue. Interference.

    Powered off cell phones, laptops, bluetooth devices, etc. Same issue. Speakerphone from the base gives a crystal clear call. All 5 handsets sound like razorblades in a blender.

    One other observation: I noticed over the last month my Verizon cell signal inside and outside the area of the home degraded from 5 bars to be between 0-2 bars. I called Verizon about it and created a ticket for the interference to be examined.

    I used wifiinfoview to see what might be interfering in the wifi range. The attached image shows what is in the neighborhood. ("--ME--" in the SSID column is my router). As you can see, this shouldn't be interfering.

    So, what should I do? It appears interference is coming from outside the home. How do I investigate further? Do I hire a ham radio operator with a detector to come and monitor the frequencies/strengths of signals? Could the interference be dangerous as well? I've never experienced this before. I really appreciate your help here.

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    Default Contact the ARRL

    Please consider contacting your friends at the American Radio Relay League with this.

    Email [email protected].



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    I'd start by switching off devices inside the house one by one and seeing if that cures it.
    What you describe sounds like switch mode power supply noise (chargers, small appliances etc).

    A mains HiFi filter might help too, maybe your mains is "dirty".

    Could even be something like a street lamp - is the noise present all the time or does it follow a schedule?

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