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Thread: Dipole connector - is it weatherproof?

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    Default Dipole connector - is it weatherproof?

    So I now have an offset dipole wire for my Yaesu FT-450D, and downlink coax which I bought separately from Maplin. Do I assume that because these things are intended for external use, the balun doesn't need any protection from the elements? I've attached a pic of it.
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    Assume nothing. Unless the advertising clearly states that it's waterproof/weatherproof, or unless the manufacturer gives you a signed and dated document to that effect, it isn't either one.
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    If it has N type sockets they have a neoprene seal - SO-239's dont.

    However, commercial tower operators would take an N-type, assume that is not sealed well enough and wrap with LX tape, then wrap that in self amalgamating tape, and then cover that with gungy Denso type tape. Then they'd consider it OK for a year or two. The usual thin is that water seeps in at the top and then works it way down towards the radio. Changes in humidity and temperature encourage the seepage, and often break any sealing you had.

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    I agree with the sentiments that have been expressed.
    I usually make my own baluns and center connectors and I know that the bodies I make are weather proof.
    That said, I silicone the openings where any connectors come out of the body and i silicone and tape around the threads when the co-ax is hooked up...
    so I would do the same for any commercial connector or balun I was using. Over time they will all fail.

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    Especially in rainy UK or here in Oregon....

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