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    Im new to ham radios. Ill start by explaining why i have questions. I belong to a great group of off roaders who trail ride. Occasionally we do rides to raise money for different charities and usually these rides in 5 to 10 mile area. Everyone communicates with vhf radios and they all buy these from the same place so i believe they are all programmed the same. I cant afford to buy the radio from the same place but found the exact same radio they sell (just branded different) at a much lower cost. Radio is identical along with same specs and vhf Mhz range
    Will these radios communicate out of the box??? Or do i need to program this radio for the same frequencies? I have the frequency list from there radios. The channels they use are all simplex.

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    Unless you give us more specific information ie. model numbers of the radios in question, we can't help you.


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    Yup, there is that.

    But in general, you would have to make sure all radios are programmed for the same frequency at the very least. Assuming this is in the FRS/GMRS ranges, shouldn't be a big deal. Have someone in the group help you figure out the frequencies and other details. If you can provide some extra, necessary info that would be great. Have fun!

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    Don't forget they may be using CTCSS tones too. If they are using stock frequencies that are legit for your area they could be already in the radio, but non guarantee a different radio has them exactly the same. Many radios come totally empty!

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