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Thread: Looking for Radios used in the 80s

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    Question Looking for Radios used in the 80s

    Hi there!

    I知 totally new to this forum and to HAMs, and I知 pretty sure this sounds like a weird question but I thought I壇 give it a shot anyway! Please redirect me if I知 posting this at the wrong place.

    I知 currently writing a book and I need some names and modes of radio equipment that were being used in the mid-80s. Preferably something that could be fit in a suitcase, not to heavy and not too expensive (think of it as a birthday present to another person). What kind of radio model fit in to that description? Any help is appreciated!

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    what would you consider expensive for the 80's? There was a huge shift in radios during the 80's, you talking early 80's or late 80's?
    Also what bands are you looking for it to cover?

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    also are you writing a tech book or a fiction novel?
    If a fiction novel, tell us what it is your character needs the radio to do. Might help us to talk about radios that would actually fit your need.
    You are around the third one to come on here and ask questions along these lines in the last year, hope you have better luck than your predecessors.

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