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Thread: BaoFeng 888s - I can read from the radio, but not write to it.

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    Exclamation BaoFeng 888s - I can read from the radio, but not write to it.

    Right, so.

    I need the radio for tomorrow morning, and I just can't seem to program it properly. I've downgraded my drivers to 3.2.0, I'm using the correct COM port, I've tried holding down the side key when turning on my BaoFeng, I've tried turning the volume all the way up and switching the channel to one that I won't use.

    Still, I can only read from the radio, and I get these settings:

    However, when I try to write to it, the process goes undisturbed, but when I plug out the cable, it's in chinese again and all I hear is a long beep.

    Here are the settings that I'm trying to write to the radio (PMR, I live in EU):

    I thank everyone for help in advance.

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    I don't think it's reading either as there's nothing in the frequency boxes at all. First question - have you ever programmed it before - so it's stopped working, or is it a new radio? Probably worth downloading chirp - as this will prove/disprove the radio is ok. If you have never programmed the radio then the cable could be the problem - one thing worth trying is pulling the radio plug slightly out - one of mine has a slightly odd socket and pushing the plug in fully won't make contact. Other than that, I can't think what it would be - if it says reading, the scale moves across and then the radio has no data in, this is a bit odd - I've never actually seen a totally blank screen - there's always been at least one line of data.

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    Here's the only way I can get mine to work. Read from the radio, then copy and paste your data into the boxes, like you would with a spreadsheet.
    I think there's some weird firmware with mine, this method works for me, so I'm not going to try to fix it.
    As I tell you this, I'm assuming that your cable is good. I had to have a guy make one for me with a readable chip.

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    I have the same issue. I have used Chirp and it worked and showed the freq I entered. I went back in and Read from the 888S PC software and it read showed my freq I entered through Chirp. I attempted to change a freq to see if it would work and nothing. When I attempt to read after the write it just shows what I had programed into it with Chirp.

    The only issue I see is now I can't change the Squelch or timeout and various other settings. Here are the settings you can change with the radio without the software and this worked for me (language was important):

    Ch. 1-5, Press / Hold both PTT and MONI, and Power ON
    VOX - ON / OFF

    Ch. 10, Press / Hold both PTT and MONI, and Power ON
    Voice Prompt - ON / OFF

    Ch. 11, Press / Hold both PTT and MONI, and Power ON
    Alarm Function ON / OFF (if selected via SW)

    Ch. 12, Press / Hold both PTT and MONI, and Power ON
    Locks Transmitter ON (Power cycle to reset)

    Ch. 15, Press / Hold both PTT and MONI, and Power ON
    Change Language (CHI / ENG)

    Ch. 16, Press / Hold both PTT and MONI, and Power ON
    Scan ON / OFF (if option set via software)

    Ch. 1-16, Press / Hold MONI only and Power ON
    Deactivates Voice Prompt for that session only

    I haven't tried to adjust the CTCSS/DCS settings yet via Chirp but it looks like this radio can't be programmed via Baogeng software they provided which is ridiculous. I will continue to use Chirp for now until I find a solution. The copy and paste didn't work either.

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    I'm stunningly new to this, but got several BF888s and a UV5Ra the other day and I had tons of issues programming them..... until I got an FTDI chipset cable.

    I did buy one of the knockoff Prolific cables and it was absolute trash, even with the backdated drivers to deal with the bootleg chipset clone. I ordered the FTDI cable ($20 compared to the $5 knockoff Prolific) and it works easy as falling off a pie. One good piece of advice that Chirp gave me was to make sure the volume is maxxed out when reading or writing to the radio. Also Chirp was tons easier than the awful Boafeng software.

    Hope it all works out for you!

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