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    I have had a dual bander in my office for years but recently decided to do a bit of HF work when I am not busy with what they pay me for.
    I had several old rigs in my stash at home so I broke out an Icom 756 Pro III and built a box to hold it, the dual bander and power supply.
    I put a Tarheel screwdriver on the roof of the office. I have one on each of my 3 vehicles and they work fine there and did not want anything that would show much from the street.
    I thought I might want to try some digital so added a tigertronics signal link... now if I can figure out how the digital world works, I can add to my play time.

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    Happy to report the digital works fine, well at least PSK-31 works well, that is the only mode I have tried so far...
    using around 25 watts and the screwdriver on the roof of my office I have worked coast to coast in our current lousy band conditions...very little DX yet. the only ones I have heard are Germany and Columbia...
    I am leaning how to distinguish the good signals on the water fall...QSB is interesting to watch...I know the folks down the hall appreciate the quietness of digital...
    though really SSB background noise is not an issue with the headphones....I have had a few come in and watch the computer screen, I am not sure if they like watching the print or the waterfall colors the most...

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    Congrats and welcome to the forum !

    I know none of my employers would have allowed me to do that.
    73, Jim/N4AAB got my Extra class license on Aug 10, 2017. Vanity call in Oct, 2014.
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