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Thread: Voice Compression & using compressors on SSB?

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    Default Voice Compression & using compressors on SSB?

    i have been considering adding some sort of voice/speech compression to my station and was wondering if anyone else uses compression to enhance there readability and signal strength or not on SSB. I know some of the newer transceivers now have speech compression built in, buy my old radio does not. What are you folks using or not using, or wish you had to use?

    I have some limited knowledge from using stage sound systems racked mounted compressors and can probably find a used one cheap enough, but just not sure if it will be a noticeable improvement on the radio receiving end to the other stations? I do know compression is a very mild enhancement on stage microphones, so I do not expecting a huge gain by using it, but if it can clarify speech to listeners I'm interested.

    So what do you guys & gals think about using voice compression on your microphones?

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    I do not use compression for rag chew or most state side work...I will occasionally turn it on for DX pile ups...a little goes a long way...

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    Stage type wide band compressors aren't very effective for narrow band radio on HF - they're designed to minimise the pumping effect, while comms compressors go for it big time. I suspect they'd be better on AM transmissions and a bit more effective - like the Optimods the broadcasters use.

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    that compression that will help you cut through and be heard in pile ups, is irritating to listen to in normal conversation.

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    Isn't that the truth

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    Thanks for the insights and replies.

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