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    Default Antenna problem

    Got a K40 antenna when I purchased my Bearcat 980 but wasn't happy with the SSB reception. Read a lot of good things about the Stryker SR-A10 so I purchased one hoping for better results. Got it last week and finally got a chance to hook it up this morning. Pegs my SWR meter past the 5 mark on all channels. Removed it and put the K40 back in service.

    Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong or why this would happen?

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    Is the antenna mount well grounded?

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    One thing I did different was to try mounting the antenna in the center of the Acadia's roof but the vehicle has ribs running along it's length. In addition it has two sunroofs for the front and back seats. When I put the K40 in the same place I also got high SWR readings until I shuffled it around a bit.

    The Stryker came with a large steel washer approx. 5" in dia. Is that washer for use between a sunroof and the magnet? Would be great if it is, wouldn't have to worry about scratching the roof of the car.

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    Called Stryker tech support and spoke with a fellow named Shawn, real nice guy, explained the problems I was having and he didn't hesitate to make arrangements to send me a new one.

    Great customer service, guess I'm going to be a Stryker fan. Called Stryker tech support and spoke with a fellow named Shawn, real nice guy, explained the problems I was having and he didn't hesitate to make arrangements to send me a new one.

    Great customer service, guess I'm going to be a Stryker fan.

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    Default CB antenna

    Try the hood to see if your SWR inproves.

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    glad you got your issues worked out on the mount, but for future reference, your stated reason for getting the antenna to begin with...modulation mode is not a function of antennas.

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    Received the new antenna Monday.
    Seem to be striking out with Stryker and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.
    My new SR-955HPC radio arrived Saturday and my first chance to try it out was this morning.
    Mounted the new antenna on the center of the roof on my 2017 GMC Acadia.
    Have the radio in an aluminum case for my Spectrum DX8 RC airplane transmitter sitting on the front seat of the car.
    I'm using the cigarette lighter plug on the console which is outputting 14.97 volts.
    The new antenna is getting an SWR reading of 3 on channels 1,20 and 40 according to the radios meter, slightly higher on my SWR meter and it doesn't seem to matter how far in or out the whip goes.
    Tried several locations on the roof of the car all with the same result. Radio is set to AM and band #4.
    Played with all the dials and switches but I get zilch. Can't hear anyone talking and no responses to my transmits.
    Brought along my little Midland hand held and there was plenty of activity on channel 19 radio checks were confirmed on it so I'm at a loss for what to do. Any of you more knowledgeable folks have a clue? Good grief can never seem to learn about a new interest fast enough.

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    with an swr reading of 3, you should still be able to hear signals and be heard... so while you do have some work to do, the swr is not the cause of the lack of communication you are experiencing...swr concerns are mostly about protecting the radio....
    Do you have an antenna available that you know works well? If so, temporarily hook your new radio to that and check out the radio...once you have proven that the radio itself works like it should, it will give you a bit more confidence to tackle your antenna issue...
    an example of SWR effects: at my home station I have two wire antennas that cover 40M... the one antenna is a multi-band wire, folded terminated dipole- it has an swr on 40 of about 1.3, the other is a mono-band 40 meter dipole... it has an swr of 1.7 ( I am too lazy to lower it and do any more trimming)... the one with a slightly higher swr performs better, I get 2 S-units higher signal on it than I do with the one with the lower swr and my signal reports from other hams average out to be a bit better too...swr is too often over emphasized...

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    Make sure the RF gain is turned up. It's the outer collar of the knob marked "Mic->RF". As for the SWR, you are probably going to have to extend the whip almost all the way out.


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    Thanks for all the feedback, since my last post I'm being led to believe the problem is with the power supply.
    I'm told this radio pulls anywhere from 60 to 100 watts of power way more than the cigarette lighter plug can handle.
    First chance I get I'll take my AC power supply and extension cord out to the car and try it. If that works the next step will be to get a 20 amp. tap for the interior fuse box in the vehicle.
    Does this sound like a step in the right direction?

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    I think the output power is variable. The collar around the knob marked "MON->PWR".


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    the power output will not affect the receive that you say you do not have....
    IMO it is always best to power your radio direct from the battery. I also like to filter the power in to the radio...
    bonding the vehicle will help as well, both with receive and swr.
    Information on bonding can be found on the tarheel antenna website under installation suggestions.
    I know that you are not using a tarheel antenna, but the fundamentals of mobile operation are the same.

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    Try hooking the Bearcat to the antenna.


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    Check antenna swr at low power settings first, then move power up once you have a decent match. Unless you like breaking things

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