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Thread: If you like JT65, FT8 etc .... this is a nice software tool.

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    Default If you like JT65, FT8 etc .... this is a nice software tool.

    Evening all,

    I have been spending quite a bit of time playing with digital modes JT65 and FT8. Both of these modes rely on sub-second PC clock timing accuracy to synchronise the transition point between receive and transmit. First of all I used a very useful site to check the accuracy of my PC clock.

    Timing check site :

    It proved immediately that my PC clock was .... well several seconds out - not good enough !

    After a bit of research and experimentation I found a very nice little background program that keeps the PC clock bang on. There are several such applications about but I have found this one to work perfectly all of the time - excuse the pun

    It is called NetTime :

    As I mentioned it runs in the background and can be seen on the PC taskbar.

    I have subsequently checked my PC time and it has been reported as exact every time

    Cheers and 73s,

    Dave (G7IYK)
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    I run Dimension4 set to the University of Manchester. It sits in the system tray and refreshes every 5 minutes.

    Kind regards,


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