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Thread: FTM-400DR external speaker ?

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    Question FTM-400DR external speaker ?

    Just got a FTM-400DR dual bander and wondered why it includes a stereo to mono external speaker adapter ? Should I be using a stereo speaker set for the external speaker? I presume it must be setup for that. I had planned to use a Yaesu MLS-100 speaker.

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    Possibly to allow you to plug a set of headphones, which will of course be stereo with a stereo plug, into the socket. The adaptor would then allow you to use a mono speaker.

    Just a guess but I've seen it happen in the music business.
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    Page 162 of the manual references adding an external speaker. However, it doesn't explain why you need to use the stereo to mono adapter when using a mono speaker. The way I heard it is that the FTM-400 (and the FTM-100 also) have a stereo output and the A band and B band audio come out on different sides, hence the need for stereo speakers or the adapter plug. If You connect a mono speaker and don't use the adapter, you will lose the audio from the B band of the radio.

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