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    The ham radio gods must have been been active last night as I was able to make my longest DX to date from NC on 40m at 8167 miles to ZS6CCY in South Africa. Of course he had a much nicer antenna setup that I can only drool about, especially compared to my little off-center dipole and less than 300 watts of power.
    I realize that many of you hams have gone much further with less, so I thought I ask what is your best DX contact, band and what antenna & power were you and/or the contact using?

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    My best “heard” was 17001km on 380mW with my Comet H422 In V configuration.

    This was into South East Australia with my Ultimate3s WSPR transmitter, but a nice spot.

    I can get most places around the world: India, Canada, America, South Africa, etc, with 30w using JT65 and FT8 data modes. My JT65 is usually 15W.

    When on phone I never go above 100W, which gets me around 3500 miles, as a rough guess. Not checked for some time what my best is., though conditions aren’t really that great at the moment.

    10m got me heard in the Falkland Islands, recently, but I didn’t have an exchange. Mostly I am on 17m, 15m, 20m.

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    Kerguelen Island from Las Vegas. Basically the antipodal point. About 25 watts on 15 CW (Novice portion; 21.153 MHz if the crystal label was correct), 1959. 58 years ago this month.
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    I'm surprised more folks have not talked about their DXing stories.
    I am not good enough with my CW to use it yet, but Vegas to Kerguelen Island (had to look that up) with 25 watts is amazing work.
    The best I ever did running 100w barefoot was just barely under 5000 miles to Serbia in Europe on 40m voice. I could often hear stations much further away clearly, but could never break that 5000 mile limit transmitting until I was fortunate enough to add a linear a few months ago. I try to keep the amp down under 300 watts until I can upgrade my coax & tuner, but just that little bit of extra transmitting power has helped alot.

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    I've not had an HF antenna for years, since someone kindly stole the 25' aluminium pole holding up one end of my G5RV (and my 2 year old son needed my shack for a bedroom - he still has it, 27 years later!)

    I used to have a triband beam and thought that going 'down' to just a wire would put an end to things HF-wise. But a quick look through the logbook shows a VP8 Falklands and a ZP5 Paraguay in September 88, a JH0 Japan, a TU2 Ivory Coast and a 3DA Swaziland in March 1990, amongst a host of European, US and Canadian contacts. All running the TS930s barefoot - the 1990 DX QSOs mentioned were all on 10m. So wires and relatively low power can work, if the conditions allow. I wonder if I'll ever be able to do that again, given the declining band conditions.

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    Home antennas planned: G5RV / G7FEK / end fed wire. 1/2 wave vertical for 10m. 6 element beam for 2m. Vertical collinear for 2/70
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    I also contacted ZS6CCY in South Africa last year on December 18th. It was my 3rd HF contact after just setting up my first station. I was using a G5RV at about 40ish feet with 100 watts.

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