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    Arrow Ham Radio in an ABC Tv Series ....

    Mandy Baxter (Molly Ephraim) talks on ham radio during a recent episode of "Last Man Standing" on ABC TV Series.

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    Too bad this show got cancelled, it was one of my favorites and one of the only real comedies left on TV.

    Points off for showing "Mandy" using the radio unlicensed and without a control operator.

    (I know, I know, it's fiction)

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    There was another TV series in 2016/17 that involved Ham Radio called Frequency. It was based off the movie of the same name from 2000. The movie was decent about firemen & ham radios, but the TV series was lame; cops solving crime using a magic ham radio transmission time travel. I watched a few episodes of it on Netflix, but quickly grew tired of them always chasing the same killer. They must have voice activated transmit on their magic time travel radio, because they talk back and forth like it was a two way telephone system, seldom needing to mash the PTT switch. I once saw her talking on her dad's magic radio from across the room where his magic desk microphone was sitting. And forget using a call sign or anyone else listening in on their time travel transmissions on their magic radio.

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    Agree on that one! I got through less than than two episodes before realising that watching paint dry was more interesting...

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    Obviously "Frequency" didn't have the wide appeal the producers thought it would. It barely lasted one season before getting cancelled.

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    Granted the time travel radio transmissions were pure fantasy in Frequency, but they could have boned up a little more on the basic technical aspects of ham radio operation to make it a little more believable to the real amateur radio operators that might be interested in watching the shows since the ham radio was the central prop in the plot. I guess we were not even on the bottom of the list of the target audiences. Maybe they should have just used a CB radio and we'd hear a lot of hey there good buddy, that's a big 10-4 and what's your 20? Or even better - their police radios, since they were both cops from different decades!

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    I've seen 'computer programs' scroll by on the movie screen from decades before the movie takes place, the characters claim its the 'newest thing'.

    Some programmers told me it was because the older source code looks clunky, and photographs better, than more recent programming languages like C or Pascal. Not that those are that modern, but its what I learned with years ago.
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    Another place where Hollywood falls down is military themed movies. I'm a retired US Navy Diver and the film "Men of Honor," while based on the life of a real individual, was so full of technical errors, it was almost painful to watch.

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    Unfortunately, one should never look to television for technical accuracy in any genre. To get the level of accuracy needed to be realistic means many times losing the pizazz and otherwise is too difficult or costly to achieve. A sad state of affairs indeed.

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    TV and movies tell the story, radio gets in the way. Best (worst) one being Die Hard, where the Policeman and Bruce Willis have a private chat, then chat with the Baddie, and he has a magic radio that can interrupt the other person. However, the real version would be much longer and boring.

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