Hi thanks for the interest.

The title say's it all. I am able "in the shack" to QSY to another reflector by pre programming the 5100 and it works fine however. The only way I can see to QSY is by pushing buttons finally getting to the new reflector OK in the shack but a definite NO NO mobile. Does anyone know of a way to "channelize" the 5100 and make it mobile friendly.

I had my 2820 "channelized" for use in the car with a DVMega and Raspi but the 5100 seems a different beast and I can't seem to suss a way to simply rotate the knob to another reflector without stopping the car and doing this and that to finally change reflector' please be kind and don't shout as I am fast approaching 80 turns on the coil way past top band and more mediun wave now !!

Any ideas, thanks.

73 de Peter G8CVF