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Thread: AF4 Callsign Where? Pirate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by K6CPO View Post
    KC2C2C would never be issued as a call sign in the US, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. US calls fit a number of different formats, 2x3, 2x2, 1x3, 1x2, and 2x1, where it's the number of letters before and after the number in the call sign. KC2C2C is a 2x3 but in that particular format, there would NEVER be a number in the suffix portion of the call sign. US call signs will have only 1 number in them, indicating the region where they were issued (in this case New York or New Jersey.) We know it's a US call sign because calls beginning with the letter "K" are issued only in the US.

    There are special event call signs that can be issued and used for the duration of the event, but they are always in a 1x1 format meaning they consist of a single letter before and after the region number.

    Without actually hearing the guy, I have no idea what you heard.
    I did find this call sign that uses 2 numbers in the call, VC3C2C which was/is Special Event Call Sign Canada's 150th Birthday and the Hamilton Amateur Radio Club's 85th Anniversary (according to QRZ), so the call I heard must have been from Canada.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KD3WB View Post
    Calls beginning with AF4 are assigned to United States amateurs. The FCC has issued over seven hundred. Some are cancelled or expired, but many are still active. Go to type "AF4" into the "License Search" box and click "Search" for some examples.

    True, but NONE are in the AF4XXX format claimed by the OP. They are all either AF4XX or AF4X. Since the OP has declined to furnish us with any more information, it's impossible for anyone to answer his original question. We're done here...
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