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Thread: Unofficial greyline calling frequency

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    Default Unofficial greyline calling frequency

    I connection with my post under Band and Modes I wish to repeat a part of it here. Please inform novices as well as experienced hams on this, if possible:

    I would like to suggest for people like me and others who would like to help fresh hams to make qsos, to call and listen on 28775 usb during greyline period (just after the twilight). This could become an unofficial greyline calling frequency for hams who do not have access to all band segments as well as experienced hams who still remember the Amateur Code and do not mind qsos with less experienced counterparts.

    Thank you

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    I may be stupid - but what is a greyline frequency or a greyline period? Never heard of it, sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    I may be stupid - but what is a greyline frequency or a greyline period? Never heard of it, sorry.

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    I managed to not know it was called that and even Google didn't help! I thought it was called the terminator?

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    Where are you from, paulears? What do you think of my suggestion?

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    I'm in the UK. I must admit that as the terminator passes, it's never occurred to me to actually deliberately look along that line for contacts. Mainly I suppose because I've never had a beam, and wasn't aware people actually chased the sunset/sunrise in this way. I've never found the band full enough to need to move away from established calling frequencies. I've never been excited by DX in this way, so for me - ANY signal calling CQ is good. Listening somewhere else could be excellent for those who are interested in this particular operating mode - but as it's a very minor interest for the majority, would it produce results? I don't know - not experienced enough in it.

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    It is not a question of moving away from 28300-28550, on the contrary, I cannot access this range of frequencies as my licence does not permit so.
    I may able to make contacts on 80m band but I am not a bank and I bought a few transcievers already and cannot afford more for the time being.
    10m band is good for DX, I could easily do Marrocco with a cheap homebrew balcony vertical , if I was allowed to access the above range.
    Ragchewing on the local repeater does not satisfy me at all.....

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