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    Hello and greetings from Los Angeles.

    I got my Technician license about five years ago in Boston at M.I.T. after being introduced to the field by an older co-worker who used to work at NASA. We used to go on lunch breaks and try to chat with the ISS whenever it was over our area. Other times, we'd hike up to the water tower up the hill behind our office and connect with repeaters well off into the distance.

    Unfortunately, I never took my knowledge that far or put my license to use. I never even owned a radio until today! Now I'm interested in diving back in and seeing where the journey takes me as there are so many fun and fascinating avenues in radio.

    My new radio is a mobile Baofeng BF-F8HP and today, I ran up to the top Franklin Canyon to see if I could make contact. While I was able to scan and pick up quite a few conversations, no matter how hard I tried, no one would respond and I'm not sure why. Bit if a momentum killer as I was pretty pumped to use my new radio.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get started or where to initially dive in? Perhaps there is an experienced Ham local to me that would want to show me a thing or two?

    Well, that's it for now. Happy to be here and looking forward to reading your posts!

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    Some repeaters have codes to connect to them and some don't. They also have a positive or negative offset. Look up the ham radio clubs in your area via a web search and see what the settings are for that repeater. Add it to your radio's settings and then they can hear you.
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