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Thread: Bad quality of Chinese Mobile radio? Try again with Zastone D9000

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    Cool Bad quality of Chinese Mobile radio? Try again with Zastone D9000

    I bought a D9000 before several months ago. Emmm... It is not bad. It is good at VHF and UHF transmit. And the voice is nice. But the only thing made me feel upset that the screen was shacking all the time. So I canít see anything. It is not a good experience. Disappointed.

    And couple months, the Zastone seller told me that they made some update. And this time will be different. Ok. My heart is catch again. So I try to believe they one more time. And done.

    I did some test and open it to show you as below:

    1.Changing the 6-connector socket to the 8 -connector socket and realizing the APRS function. (APRS is only done in hardware, but it is ok. I can wait for software update of this feature.)

    2.Optimizing the VHF parameters on the main board. (ok, now I can receive VHF from one side and put UHF out from the other side.)

    3.Aging tests of the LCD plate in high and low temperature(Not bad, better than before. And the screen is work well.)

    For another part, l will write down in the future.

    Also more questions, you can post to me at below.

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    I think you are saying that the D9000 has been modified to solve a few issues and that the radio has many improvements. I didn't know the old ones were troublesome?

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