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Thread: Hello from Western Pa. Just starting out in the hobby .

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    Default Hello from Western Pa. Just starting out in the hobby .

    Hello everyone . I about as new as it gets in Ham Radio . I'm looking into Ham Radio as a hobby for my retirement years . I will be attending a meeting this week of the local Amateur Radio Club . I'll try to ask most of my newbie questions there and get started on studying for my tests . I've already ordered a few beginners books to learn the basics . I hope to have a fun , expandable base station and possibly mobile capabilities in the future . Any suggestions on equipment are greatly appreciated .

    Thank you ,

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Local Amateur clubs are a wealth of knowledge, as is your local library. It's well worth setting a morning aside for browsing the electronics/engineering/radio section of even a small library - I have been surprised more than a few times what they have hidden away in there...

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    5B4AJB ,
    Thanks for the excellent idea . I made a few contacts at the club meeting . Members seem like a great bunch of guys . Very knowledgeable and good sense of humor to boot . Best of all , I'm 54 years old and felt like a kid compared to the average age of the members . LOL ! The theme of the meeting was antenna types . By the depth of conversation and comments , I've got a BIG learning curve ahead of me ! But on the same note , I can tell most of the members will be great mentors . I'm now even more excited about expanding my HAM knowledge and getting a license ASAP .

    RICK .

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